Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ever heard of Day of Silence? Today, my school honored it, and I participated for my fourth year in a row... and it was great! For the first year ever, nobody demanded me to defend my silence, and nobody started playing see-how-annoying-I-have-to-be-to-get-Melanie-to-talk! The high respect for this year's Day of Silence put me in a really good mood.

Now, it's probably because I had a free period where I spent a good hour "studying" by myself, but I also reflected on why I was silent this year more than I have ever before, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts.

And now, "a few things that I thought about because I had a lot of quiet time to myself because I couldn't hold a real conversation with anyone because I was silent today" or...

"Eight Silent Thoughts"

1. Three other people in my Academy class were silent, and during Social Studies, we all had someone read "statements" giving our reasons for participating in Day of Silence. Their statements were touching and articulate, and I want to give them a shout-out... so, uh... Woohooshoutout!

2. I remembered the people who first asked me to participate in Day of Silence my freshman year. I am so grateful to you for getting me involved.

3. I was wearing my old Day of Silence shirt (from 2008), which does not look like the 2011 edition at all. I would like to acknowledge all the people who asked me, "Why is your shirt different?" and proceeded to wait for a response. You guys are so entertaining...

4. I admired my wonderful friends who have not allowed intolerance or ignorance to inhibit them from being exactly who they were meant to be.

5. I prayed for the people I know who aren't as fearless in the face of prejudice.

6. I won't name names, but my first Day of Silence, a certain someone saw my shirt and said something along the lines of "That's so gay. I bet I can get you to talk." Today, he saw it and reacted with a "You haven't said a word all day? That's really great." Thank you for growing up :)

7. Finally, I reflected on all the hate, stupidity, and homophobia I still see. As much as I like to think that I surround myself with tolerance, I have to admit that there are people I know and love who just don't get that "gay" is not a synonym for "stupid." And, in most cases, I don't want to speak up when I hear someone I'm close with rattle off some unacceptable phrases because I don't want the conflict.

8. #7 is a disgusting truth. I have a choice, so I'm making a resolution to no longer "let it slide."

Song Recommendation: "The Painter" by I'm from Barcelona

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